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Tree Removal

We’re a local family-owned business that specializes in highly-skilled, professional tree removal in Blacktown. As locals, we have an extensive understanding of the environment in this region and know every type of tree that grows in the area. We offer expert tree removal backed by over 20 years of experience and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, one tree or many, no job is too big or small for our qualified arborists. We also love a challenge – difficult trees are no problem for us! When you need a tree removed, call our team for a fuss-free, cost-efficient solution you can trust.

Why Might I Need A Tree Removal Service?

While we love our trees and endeavor to do everything we can to care for and preserve them, sometimes it may be best to have them removed from a property. There are many reasons why you might require a tree removal service. Some of the most common reasons include:

  •       Safety

When a tree has grown too big, overhanging branches can grow over power lines and your property, creating a safety hazard to you and your family. Their roots can also begin to impede upon the foundation of a house or building and cause structural damage.

  •       Infection

When trees become infected with disease or pests, they may need to be taken down. If the tree can’t be helped, it’s best to remove it to prevent the disease from spreading to surrounding trees.

  •       Dead

Dead trees need to be removed as they pose a safety risk to you and your property. Dead branches are more susceptible to breaking during a storm and can cause significant damage to your home.

  •       Damaged

Trees can become damaged by natural elements, such as a storm, lightning, high winds or bushfire. If the damage has proven to be irreversible, the tree needs to be removed.

  •       Clearing space

If you’re looking to expand your residential property or business, trees can be removed to clear space and make room for the new expansion.

  •       Aesthetics

Trees can also be removed for aesthetic purposes, such as to improve the appearance of a backyard or to create a view.

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